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How to write SEO Friendly articles

How to write SEO Friendly articles

The complete guide to How to write SEO Friendly articles

Ø  Site Title/ title

How to write SEO Friendly articles-the title is one of the most important things that our article or writing can be charming in search engines. If the claim is wrong, then a useful item will be free. For that, we must understand how to write a good site title. This is a very fundamental way of writing SEO articles.

Writing a site title is actually a key to entering a keyword into that title. Keywords can be placed sequentially or separately depending on the situation and conditions. Meaning how are keywords separate and sequential? For example, suppose that the the keyword that was written is "sell car Jogja" then we can write the title in two ways.

Examples of titles with the following keywords, "sell new and Second cheap Jogja cars." So there is no word separator between the keywords. The second one with a separate keyword, "sell new and Second cheap cars in Jogja." So the keyword "sell car Jogja" is not placed sequentially but separate.

Then a nice sequential or separate one? Actually the same, because although different keywords Google will still be able to read the article when someone would like to "sell car Jogja" in search engines. But if you use the Yoast SEO plugin, then the best one is center sequentially. Permanently separated or sequentially adjusted to the need.


The URL or Slug is the address of the article we're writing. It is usually written with www. example format. COM/keyword. Writing the right slug is by entering a keyword in it. Can be full of keywords, can also only partially if indeed the keyword is too long.

Don't be a slug with a site title. The URLs of our articles should be stable and reflect what we write. If the site is "selling new and Second cheap Jogja cars," then the slug enough www. Example. COM/sell-car-Jogja or www. example. com/sell-car-Jogja-cheap. Many underestimate how to write SEO articles on this one.

Ø  Number of keywords/ Keyword Density

In writing SEO Friendly articles, a quality number of keywords in an article is significant. We should be able to include keywords with an appropriate amount, not too much and not too little. This is sometimes still not understood by many people. Most of them include keywords without counting the number.

If it has been so potentially causing the article contains too many keywords, or it could also lack keywords. Items that contain too many keywords can then be considered spam by Google. As a result, the material becomes hard to climb its position in search engines or worse is precisely missing from Google or Deindex.

The ideal number of keywords is 0.75 to 2 percent on each article. However, the most commonly used is 1 to 1.5 percent. So an article does not overlap many keywords. So the item remains good read, and the keyword is not impressed.

Ø  Keyword Placement

How to write an SEO, helpful article. The fourth is about the placement of keywords. Despite the trivial impression, the placement of these keywords is critical. Because it will determine whether the item is good to read or not. A right Keyword is the one that is forging spread and evenly throughout the piece.
Do not accumulate keywords in one place, e.g., beginning of article or end of the material. Place the keywords evenly from the first paragraph to the last paragraph. Not that each item should be given a keyword. Just adjust it with the number of keywords or keyword density.

Make sure to place one keyword in the first paragraph. It would be great if the keyword could be in the first sentence. But if you can't insist on doing so. It is also important to place keywords at the end of the last article or paragraph because this is great for search engines.

Ø  Keyword Derivatives and synonyms

Write articles about SEO friendly quality. One should include the keywords derived and also keyword synonyms. Keyword inheritance is a keyword that is still related to the main keyword. For example, the main keyword is "Rent a car Jogja" then the keywords of the derivatives can "cheap car rental Jogja," "Rent a daily car Jogja", "Rent a car Jogja offshore," and others.
While synonyms of keywords themselves are a keyword that is the equation of the main keyword. For example, the keyword "Rent a car in Jogja" then a synonym of the Keywordnya is "Car rental Jogja." Although these keyword synonyms can be classified into derived keywords, sometimes many people still don't understand it.

In each SEO friendly article you're writing, make sure to include your keyword's child and equation keywords. This is very important because when people search with a derived keyword instead of your primary keyword, then your article will be most likely to appear. How to write SEO articles is essential but often not done authors.

Ø  Paragraphs and sentences

Paragraphs and sentences are also an essential part of a quality article but are sometimes ignored. Paragraphs and sentences are part of how to write a quality SEO friendly article. Although the effect may not be too significant, it still should not be ignored.

A good paragraph generally contains 3.4, or 5 lines. Ideally is the 3 or 4 rows, if indeed should be more preferably a maximum of 5 rows. A paragraph that is too long will make people lazy to read it.

Ideally, the length of one sentence is to contain less than 20 words. This is because the articles with short sentences will be easier to read. Articles containing long sentences will create a dizzy reader. So they have trouble getting the essence of the sentence.

Ø  Heading Usage

The heading is an essential thing to make articles SEO friendly. Especially if the article we wrote long then the line will help his readability. Heading will show you the points of the material that we have written so that the reader more already understand.

In making headings should contain either keywords or their descendants. But not necessarily all titles or subheadings include keywords. Try to help her stay natural and not forced.

Tools to simplify SEO Friendly article writing

There are some tools or tools that can make it easier for us to write quality SEO Helpful articles. These tools can undoubtedly be used for free. Regarding the tools to help SEO friendly article writing will be in brief here. And for more details, we will discuss in the next article.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner serves to do keyword research. Keyword research is fundamental done before writing articles. So we can find out what keywords many people searched for through Google. Google Keyword Planner will make it easier for us to find the right keywords. Also, GKP displays the derived keyword of the primary keyword we want.

The look of Google keyword Planner is very complete, ranging from the number of searches monthly volume to the most areas that do the search. Maybe the result of GKP will be a little different if you have never run ads on Google. For those who have never advertised in Adwords but want to use Google Keyword planner in full can try Ubersuggest.

Keyword Everywhere

This is a free extension that you can install in Google Chrome browser. Keyword everywhere will automatically show you the number of searches per month when You define a keyword on google. This Extension will also show the child keywords and keywords with regards to the main keywords that people are looking for.

Word Counter

But not only that, but the word counter also displays the complete number of characters, the number of keywords, and so on. With the word counter, we are more easily identifying what word comes out the most, the number of times the keywords we shoot appear in the article. The Word counter is part of how to write SEO friendly articles that are highly recommended to use.
Conclusion about writing SEO Friendly articles.

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Thus the guide on how to write quality SEO friendly articles. There are still a few other things that also need to be noticed. But overall, 7 items above are the main components of the SEO friendly article. So make sure the article you write is according to the way above. Also, use the tools above to make your writing easier.

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