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How to write SEO Friendly articles (how to write excellent and right articles)

How to write SEO Friendly articles (how to write excellent and right articles)

Personal blogs, as well as corporate blogs, always need articles to be uploaded regularly. Articles that are uploaded can not be an article. Items must be qualified in writing and should be able to provide excellent performance in Google search engine results. So that the authors of personal blogs, as well as company blogs, should master the way of writing articles that are SEO friendly or SEO friendly.

There are indeed a few plugins that can help you to manage the SEO on your blog. However, using the plugin alone is not enough. As an article writer, you should also understand how to write an excellent article to always appear on the first page of search results. You cannot forever rely on a plugin instead?

 Why bother mastering how to write an SEO Friendly Article? Is it not enough to write an ordinary article? The answer is that your article is getting easier to get to the first page of Google search results. 

The More often, your articles are on the first page of search results, the better the quality of the blog or the website you manage. The more visitors, the more traffic comes, and of course, the more that read your articles. 

You I can just write a good article without paying attention to SEO. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the item you wrote could be on the first page of Google search results. Simply put, how to write an SEO friendly article is a guide to writing articles following the rules set by Google.

Google Has its own standards to sort the articles in the search results. Given how valuable an item is to appear on the first page of search results. We summarize the steps of writing this article to help you write articles that are not only good in the rules of writing, but also increase the potential of the material to be on the first page of Google search results.
How to write SEO articles

Here are 17 ways that SEO Friendly article writing you can follow:

1.     Use the keywords most likely to be searched by your audience;
2.     Make sure your articles answer seekers ' questions;
3.     Use appropriate Focus Keyword;
4.     Articles must be worth reading;
5.     Utilize internal and external links;
6.     Notice essential elements of the Blog;
7.     Image optimization;
8.     Upload content consistently;
9.     Use a unique angle of view;
10. Create an article structure;
11. Make sure your article length is Optimal;
12. Notice the opening;
13. Take advantage of headings and subheadings;
14. Short paragraphs;
15. Notice content relevance;
16. Write with specifics;
17. Promote your articles.

Some of the above points, you can make for basic guidelines on creating SEO articles. To better understand the steps, here's a thorough discussion of how to create a proper and correct article based on the rules of SEO.

1.       Use the keywords most likely to be searched by your audience
The Steps that need to be done before writing the articles on your blog are looking for keywords or keyword that your audience might be searching for. Therefore you have to understand who your audience is, who reads your blog. That way, you can find out the general target keywords they're typing in the Google search engine.

Each Type of industry has different consumer characteristics. Therefore, consumers in various industry types most likely use different keywords anyway.

We Take examples in two different industries, namely cosmetics and automotive. The consumers of the domestic industry will find more keywords, such as beauty, skincare, or skin health. While automotive field consumers are more likely to search for keywords such as car care tips, automotive modifications, or automotive trends.

Customize The keywords you use in your blog articles with keywords that your audience is most likely to use. If you're wrong using keywords, you'll only be wasting time.

How Do you determine which keywords are worth using for the articles you write? You can leverage the formula below to make it easier to determine the eligibility of a keyword:
Make Sure that the keyword search volume is quite a lot. You can use site help to find out the number of keyword searches like ubbersuggest.  

You'll need to know what keyword-related searchers are written on the Google search engine. It is also worth noting that you have enough resources and data to create an article to rival the materials that appear on the first page of the keyword Search results.

2.       Make sure your articles answer seekers ' questions
Google Can find out which searchers are satisfied or not with search results based on several indicators. Some of them are long-time spent reading articles and whether the items are shared or not by searchers.

The Longer the time spent reading articles and the more widely shared signifies articles that are written to meet the expectations of seekers. Try to make the report as complete as possible to answer seekers ' questions.

If the articles you write can meet the expectations of searchers, Google will provide additional points for your item.

3.       Use Focus Keyword appropriately
Even Though you use the Focus keyword to get high rankings in Google search results, it doesn't mean that you can use it repeatedly or even excessively. Using excessive focus keywords will lower the quality of your articles.

It should be remembered that you are writing articles for human readability so that the structure of the writing should also be adapted to human logic. However, you should also pay attention to the SEO of the article to rank highly in Google's search results.

So what can be done so that the articles you write are still useful to read by searchers and can even be ranked on top of Google search results?

Write articles that correspond to the logic of the reader and certainly benefit them. When you've finished writing the article, reread it from start to finish with a search engine perspective. You should prioritize the view of the reader because ultimately reading your article is a human, not a machine.

4.       Articles must be worth reading
Writing Articles does require high accuracy to keep the article following the rules of writing. Articles written by the provisions of paper demonstrate the high professionalism of the blog managed. Whether it's a corporate blog or a personal blog.

Ideally It is a necessary editor to check the articles you write. However, if you don't have a professional editor to check your articles, there are other ways you can do it.

The trick is when it is finished writing one article, take time to break the goods a few hours. After that, you can go back to the pre-written articles and perform self-editing or self-editing with a fresher mind.

You Can also ask a friend or colleague for help to read the article you wrote before uploading it. Ask them if they think they can understand what you write or not. Use feedback and criticism from your friends to improve the articles you write.

5.       Utilize Internal and external links
In writing articles published online are sometimes required to use links, be it Internal links or external links. The function of the link in the article is to provide further explanation to the reader regarding the main topic of the article.

The an internal link is a link that refers to one of the articles on your own blog. While external links are links that refer to sites other than your blog. Both have their own functions.

External Links usually refer to other websites or blogs that are used as a cornerstone of a statement that you write. It is typically the result of research, statistics, quotations, or references from other media.

Internal Links serve to allow readers to explore other articles on your blog.
Readers not only read the main article but also read other articles will increase the length of time spent on your blog. Also, the use of these internal links helps Google to understand the focus topics of the blogs you manage.

On The other hand, external links serve to convince the reader that you've done some research to write articles. And putting the links of other sites on your blog can help increase the website rankings. Also, it also shows that you are dedicated to providing the best understanding for your readers even if it has to deliver the reader to another site.

6.       Notice important elements of the Blog
The article component on the blog consists not only of sentences and paragraphs, but also involves some other technical elements such as URLs, blog titles, and headings
If you want your article to appear on the first page of Google search results, you should also pay attention to the above blog components.

Then create an exciting and concise article title, but can illustrate the outline Of your article content. The title of the article should contain the Focus keyword set at the beginning, the better the Focus keyword is at the beginning of the title.

After ensuring the Focus keyword is in the title, you also need to make sure the The focus keyword is in one of the article headings. However, again enter it reasonably, don't overdo it.

7.       Image optimization
Inserting An image into the article is an excellent step to prevent the reader from getting bored, especially if the article is long. However, there are some details to keep in mind that images in your articles work optimally.

First, Before you upload an image, make sure the filename of the image is uploaded according to the Focus keyword you are using. This will make it easier for Google to customize images with uploaded articles.

Secondly, The alt text of the image should also be written according to the Focus keyword used. Its function is to allow the search engine to detect what the icon is and the surrounding text. Also, if an image encountered a loading error, this alt text will appear.

Thirdly, You also need to optimize the image by minimizing the image size file for faster loading page. Several services provide compress image without reducing the image quality. Some of the services you can try are as follows:

8.       Upload content consistently
Writing Articles and uploading them is consistently beneficial to readers. Readers can get the actual and factual information of your blog.

In Addition, by always uploading articles, your blog will also look active, and it will give Google a good signal. Google delivers more value to more active blogs than blogs that rarely update their content.

9.       Use a unique angle-of-view
From A single keyword, various points of view can be used to develop the Focus keyword. You need to find new viewpoints that have not been used by others.

Each A person must have a unique viewpoint on a problem. You can take advantage of personal experiences related to the Focus keyword you discuss. This is a tip for writing articles so that your articles are different and unique in their delivery.

The the uniqueness of this point of view will make the article you write more prominent than other articles with the same focus keyword.

10.   Create an article structure
Before beginning to write an article, create a structure of the article first.
In General, an article is divided into three sections, i.e., the opening (prologue), content, and conclusion (Epilog). Creating a structure like this will make it easier for you to write articles.

Moreover, This clear division of article structure will also make it easy for readers to find what they need. When they want to know the conclusion of this article, they can directly read the end.

11.   Make sure your article length is Optimal
The Length of the article is at least 300 words. The number 300 word is the minimum number for a blog article. For maximum amounts, some experts use different names. According to Orbit Media Study, the average number of Word articles in a blog is 1,142 words.

The the optimal length of an article varies depending on the purpose that the author Wants to achieve. If your goal is the article you are on the first page of Google search results, according to CoSchedule at least your article consists of 2,500 words.

12.   Notice the opening
Once The reader reads your title of interest, it does not necessarily understand the entire article. Readers need to be assured that the articles you write will really benefit him.

Therefore, start an article with an opening sentence that assures that the article you are Writing will answer the questions and problems that the reader is facing. You should be able to draw the reader's attention at the beginning of the article so that readers continue reading the article.

Start with a sentence where the reader can feel relatable with the articles they read.

13.   Take advantage of headings and subheadings
Headings Help the reader to find the outline or subject in the article it was read about. This ease of reading will improve the search satisfaction of the articles you write.
Heading also helps Google to find the subject of a written article that helps to raise the rankings in the search results.

In addition, you can also make use of subheadings so that the derivatives of the subjects in the heading can be outlined regularly.

14.   Short paragraphs
One Way to make your articles readable is to use a short paragraph. If you use the high standard of the item as above, which is 2,500 words, you should, of course, parse it into several paragraphs.

When You parse it into a paragraph, try to have each section not too long. How to write articles online is a little different than how to write articles in print, for example. If the articles in the print media can have a long paragraph, not with articles in the virtual world.

Articles In the virtual world tend to have short and short paragraphs. This will make it easier for readers to understand what you are writing. 

15.   Notice content Relevance
You Can indeed use various keywords in the article writing in the blog. However, everything should be relevant to the primary purpose of your blog.

For Example, your blog is an automotive blog, the keywords you use should be relevant to the automotive world. Likewise, with other types of blogs. All the content in the blog is related and interconnected.

Irrelevant Or unrelated content will adversely affect the ranking of your blog. Google's search engine uses various methods to sort the articles in the search results. One is with the relevance of the blog content.

The High level of relevance between articles on your blog or website will give you an excellent signal to Google. With the possibility that your items appear on the first page of search results also increases.

16.   Write with specifics
When Creating articles, be sure to have interconnected and relevant threads. The discussion presented to the reader must be told that the benefits that are in the article that you write can be conveyed. That way, when leaving an article, readers have new knowledge.

Unlike the matter if the writing of your article is too long, it has a less obvious Focus on the discussion. Especially if the delivery is not sequential and thorough, do not close the possibility that readers will leave your article in the middle of the road.

If the articles you create have some focus on the discussion, use points like this article to make it easier for the reader to understand the topics of the articles that require deep understanding.

17.   Promote your articles
The Next step is to promote this already SEO Friendly article on all the social media you have. Sharing articles on social media is one of the most straightforward steps to get people to read your articles.

By Promoting your articles on social media will broaden the reach of your audience. The traffic coming from this social media link becomes lighter to increase the ranking in Google's search results.

Up here, we both achieve one conclusion that writing SEO Friendly articles requires two things, namely the thoroughness of the details of the SEO the component itself and the aesthetics of article writing.

The aesthetics of this article writing that will make an article unique and Different from other articles with similar keywords. The aesthetic of this the paper will also form the character of the blog that you manage, both the personal blog and the company blog.

On The other hand, you should also be careful of the various SEO components so that the articles you have written can be read by many people online. Useful articles require readers to be recognized for their quality. Therefore, the thoroughness of SEO is essential so that the article that has been hard to be made not unwrapped in vain.

The Aesthetic of writing and SEO are two things that support each other, can not be ignored one of them. An excellent online article writer is a writer who can incorporate both.

If The article is SEO Friendly as a motor, then the aesthetic of writing and SEO are two tires that run the engine. To be able to run normally, both should function optimally. It can not be if only one is functioning optimally.

Thus The article on how to write SEO friendly articles without using the help of the plugin. You can share this article if you feel useful. You can also subscribe to our blog to get the latest information on websites, blogs, and web hosting.

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