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Tips on choosing HP for Gaming

Tips on choosing HP for Gaming

Through this short guide, we will try to give an overview to you about other supporting aspects of the specifications and the ideal for the needs of playing games on Smartphones.

by Sinyo
Nowadays the main objective, when someone wants to buy a smartphone, is not just a matter or communication needs to support Affairs job, but also for the sake of State in multimedia such as listening to music, watching the service streaming video, and of course playing video games.

Talking about video games, since the era of monochrome phones and Symbian is rampant, people already undergo hobbies on this one. Space Impact, Snake, and the Bounce are three of the handful of games that already installed directly on a mobile-phone version of the game so often the favorite mobile phone users in the past.

This hobby is evolving along with the evolution of mobile phones are getting smarter and robust. Removal of physical buttons in order to accommodate the screen more spacious as well as significant improvements in the sector of graphics chipset and a factor which determines the direction of the development of this hobby.

If during a previous smartphone You only know simple games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, a row of games that are milling about in the current smartphone application market is already much more quality and more diversified form. In fact, often you will find a game that had the quality of gameplay and graphics nice caliber game PC or console.

The revolutionary development of the apparently endless dilemmas can be for some people. Because, until today there are still many prospective users of the confusion or hesitation when want to buy HP for gaming. Especially when determining candidates as well as other supporting aspects of chipsets such as the quantity of RAM and battery capacity. In the article this time we try to give a few tips when choosing HP for gaming.
1. Preferred chipsets and GPU most  “The Best"

Chipset aka System on Chip clear so the most crucial first consideration if you put gaming as a major priority in the use of the needs of your smartphone. This is a little module on all data processed are processed and computing. The chipset is the most important component that will really determine whether or not you are comfortable playing games at HP.

For the segment of smartphones, in general, we know Qualcomm and MediaTek as the two manufacturing giants that monopolize the circulation of the chipset. Whereas, if traced farther, you will surely know the artificial Exynos Samsung, Kirin who assembled and developed by HUAWEI, as well as series  "Ax " that Apple created for an exclusive row of their mobile devices.

Then, what chipset is ideal for you? The answer can be very subjective in nature and price. It's all a matter of need and the budget you have. Ask yourself, about games like what the heck you want to play on your mobile phone?

As You are simply casual gamers who play games as the event's "killing time ", Snapdragon 4xx series such as Snapdragon 425 to 450 Snapdragon or MediaTek MT6750 or MT6752 was more than enough for you to play light games like Temple Run or Clash of Clan, for example.

Another matter if you are a hardcore gamer who makes gaming as a major hobby or precisely the fields of your earnings. We recommend you the HP proposal provided such elite class processor Snapdragon series 8xx, MediaTek Helio, or Kirin 9xx. With the use of a high-end chipset like this, the game's most demanding will easily You try.

Consider also the year of the release of the chipset. Because over the years the mobile chipset manufacturer always managed to perfect a way to maximixe it their chipsets, or whether it be in terms of performance or efficiency.

Then the GPU or stands for Graphics Processing Unit. This component served to manipulate graphics and visual content displayed to the screen of your smartphone. GPU already one package with a CPU that is used and generally the quality of the resulting will be hand in hand with these chipsets. Like Exynos 9810 with Mali GPU-G72 MP18, or 845 Snapdragon with Adreno 630. Two GPU will guarantee you to play games in the highest graphics settings without experiencing a drop in frame rate or send that sucks.

Last is the number of cores and clock-speed chipsets. Make sure You select at least chipset with at least four core aka quad-core. This is important because in doing so, the burden shouldered by the CPU can be shared equally. The ability of multitasking smartphone a little too much influenced by this factor. Despite the fact, the number of core CPUs is not a guarantee of performance smoothness. The proof, the Apple iPhone in the A8 6 and 6 Plus the iPhone is still adopting a dual-core system is able to outperform other manufacturers of chipsets with the number of cores.

As a reference, you can find out the performance chipset from a score that is generated in the application benchmarks such as AnTuTu or Geekbench.
2. do not just its size alone, understand well the type of RAM that exists

The larger the capacity of RAM the airier also information that can be stored in it so as to produce a smoother performance. The assumption is indeed correct, but not entirely appropriate. Because, in addition to capacity, speed of the RAM also you need to consider.

Technically the RAM used on a smartphone is the DRAM which is short for Dynamic Random Access Memory. Along with its development, this type of RAM then got a further modification and renamed LPDDR RAM is designed as a power saving for the smartphone. No need to worry, because smartphone releases on average have been using RAM-LPDDR4 or at least LPDDR3.

To run 3D games with fast and smoothly, you must have a smartphone with at least 3 GB of RAM as well as quantities derived from one type of RAM above.

3. Display and resolution for the sake of visual eyes

The development of increasingly sophisticated mobile games inevitably forces you to think through the widescreen and the magnitude of the existing resolutions on the smartphone. Because of that, two aspects have now come into effect your comfort level in the gameplay.

The widescreen phone allows you to access the virtual buttons with more freely. Especially with the popularity of games genre MOBA and Battle Royale which had a row of buttons such as to launch a kick or use an item. Trends that are widely adopted full screen is now a blessing unto itself. According to our efficient, you should choose a smartphone with a minimum of 5.5 inches wide screen.

Turning to the matter of the resolution. The widescreen was important but would be futile if the resolution carried still HD resolution screen means. it's not HD it is less qualified, but it will be good smartphone your options at least had resolution of full HD or better yet QHD. Order detail and visuals from the games you play can be served with more optimal. You do not willingly is not if you have to lose in a game due to a trivial error such as escape to observe an object that looks less clear because less strung pixel meeting?

4. The battery is a breath of live gaming on Smartphones

The batteries used in the current smartphone average-type Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po). Each has advantages and disadvantages. That way, you'll never need to dizzy thought of it. Because basically when discussing a matter of battery life, the most important is his capacity as well as the availability of rapid charging technology.

The current Middle-class smartphones down already many are equipped with large-sized batteries, that capacity even beat smartphone flagship. Take for example the latest phone from ASUS, ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL who had battery life 5.000 mAh. With a starting price of around Rp2,3 million, the size of the battery away leaving the Galaxy relies solely on the S9 battery 3.000 mAh. Whereas the price of ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1) ZB602KL could be four to five times more affordable than mobile phone Samsung-made it.

Next, make sure that the smartphone you seek fast charging feature. A technology that is vital for the sake of supporting the mobility of Your fast-paced. Thanks to this technology, just by charging in a few minutes, your smartphone may already be devouring back several play sessions.

Lastly, you have to be observant. Because in some cases, in order to save the cost of production, there are times when the vendor does not include such technology on the chipset they use even though it is actually the chipset supports fast charging.

5. Internal storage media Capacity

Don't get me wrong, even though it is trivial but must also factor you think Cook-Cook. Games-cool games currently not just demanding sports data and graphics are just extreme sport but it is also usually present in a very large sized application package. Even some who have already exceeded the number 1 GB. Caliber games Mortal Kombat X, Dungeon Hunter 4, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Injustice 2 are some examples.

Still many phones that do not allow you to save application data to the external memory. Unless you do the process of rooting. So you should get around the narrowness of the internal spaces provided. If the smartphone measuring 128 GB or 64 GB, it's no problem. But what would happen if only the ROM capacity 32 GB? The minimal sizes should even trousers trimmed by data systems as well as other non-game applications.

6. Find out whether there is a peripheral supporter of the smartphone manufacturer

A smartphone, that is a flagship, commonly released along with a series of accessories and peripherals are his supporters. For the needs of gaming peripherals, the most important is the gamepad. Up to now most of the people still agree that the best new gaming experience can be obtained if you play a game via physical control is not a virtual keypad. No exception for gaming on Smartphones.

When pulled far back, there's a Sony Xperia Play that got the gamepad are integrated directly on the smartphone. An innovative step that unfortunately is already no longer is Sony.

One of the other smartphones that have the best peripheral for gaming is Moto Z with a gamepad Gamepad Motto which is named external. This peripheral also has its own battery so that it serves as the bank's additional mini power when used to play games. The latest, BLACK SHARK Gaming Phone, HP gaming with support funding from Xiaomi, also followed in the footsteps of Motorola with Adaptive released a gamepad mini sold separately.

Not all smartphones have supporting products like that. Therefore, you can purchase controllers with improveor compatible gamepad from the third party vendor.

That's our short guide for those of you who are perhaps still confused to determine the combination of ideal smartphone specifications to play games.

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