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Powerful Ways To Make Battery HP Android More Durable

Powerful Ways To Make Battery HP Android More Durable

This time I will give information "powerful ways to make advanced android more durable" got new Android smartphones yet the battery quickly runs out? You could do somehow to or tips so that the smartphone's battery more durable and not easily drained. The following information.

Android Smartphone is the latest output of the current majority has a Super AMOLED screen and LCD size width, complete with a number of default applications. But the latest smartphones equipped with cutting-edge features and specifications do not guarantee durability and long-lasting battery. Especially if smartphone users who always access the internet network or open up the various applications that make the smartphone's battery runs out fast in a short time.

As it is known to a non-removable battery or attached to a body found on many Smartphones smartphone today. Trends in battery-capacity jumbo start-up mAh 3.000 also commonly attached to the flagship smartphone. Although a number of devices are Smartphones or mobile has dunked features fast charging or recharging a battery that fasts, but easily ran out the course very annoying.

Here are some ways that you can do to make the battery last longer Android smartphone:

1. select Wallpaper dark colors

Animated wallpapers or Live Wallpapers are indeed cool to look at. Unfortunately, animated images move installed as wallpapers Android smartphone drains the battery thus in no time. Better choose a wallpaper with a dark color that is able to save battery life. Moreover, for those of you who use a smartphone with Super AMOLED screen, the use of wallpaper dark color highly recommended for saving battery life. The darker the color of the wallpaper is selected, then the less power consumption.

2. turn off the Default Google applications

A fan of the default Google applications like Google Voice looks like it was about to run out of battery faster smartphones. Even though it is faster to use voice commands to browse the internet, but these applications make the smartphone's battery more wasteful than browsing the internet with the regular way. To save battery life, you better disable a number of default Google applications with Google settings heading.

3. use the battery-saving Features Like Doze Mode

Users of Android OS smartphone with Marshmallow battery-saving features provided with, i.e. Doze Mode. With this battery-saving feature, the various applications that are opened can be deactivated when the smartphone is in a standby position. This feature is also able to detect unused smartphone through the motion sensor so that it can disable various applications that drain the battery.

4. the Diligent Update Application

Applications that are rarely updated to the latest version is usually quite suck up battery life. With diligent application to update to the latest version makes applications run better and lightweight, so it is easily drained batteries could have been avoided. In addition, you can delete the older applications that are rarely used and better select a new application that is constantly updated at any time. For saving battery life, you can do so by going to the settings and select the optimization of the battery.

5. set the screen brightness Manually

Although the screen auto-brightness is more practical to use, however the level of brightness of the screen thus making owned smartphones too bright. Better adjust the screen brightness manually according to your comfort level. In addition to the eyes become more convenient, manual brightness settings are also able to save battery life smartphone. You can adjust the brightness level of the screen through the Quick settings in your device, do not select the automatic setting.

In addition to doing the things above, you can also save on battery usage Android smartphone with disable vibration when there is an incoming call or receiving an SMS. For internet users, better turn on WiFi or mobile data usage while you will access the 3. When not used, better turn off WiFi and use of the data. The battery-saving smartphone can also be done by turning off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and cellular data. Activate the feature when needed only. In order to make use of the battery optimized, you can also use the default battery saver feature that is usually offered a variety of vendors, such as Samsung smartphone with features of Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Some way above the expected battery can make Your cellphones can be more durable and long lasting. Another tip is don't use the phone while it is in charge and use the original default mobile charger so that the power supply can be filled more quickly and optimally.

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