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Highlight Asus ROG Zephyrus GX531

ROG Zephyrus GX531

Highlight Asus ROG Zephyrus GX531

After the success of the previous series, now Zephyrus present in a newer version that has a more exotic design. It must be admitted that this laptop is ultra portable with a body that so thin and light. But you should not be fooled by its minimalist form, because behind that this laptop has a special performance, even suitable for hardcore gaming. The first impression on Zephyrus GX531 is an exclusive and luxurious laptop that is not used for rough games, but after you know all the components, there is only one word "amazing".
With the latest Intel Core i7 six Core 8th generation processor and GTX10 series max Q design graphics card, this laptop can do much more than users' expectations. The latest games can run smoothly, rendering so fast, and streaming without problems. The performance of this laptop can be aligned with the latest gaming desktop. Storage technology SSD NVMe that works so fast provides efficiency and effectiveness of every job. ROG's relentless innovation has given birth to a revolutionary cooling system that is able to maintain temperatures very well so that the performance of all components is at the highest level. Let us examine more deeply on each part of this gaming laptop.


Asus Intelligence has successfully planted high end chipsets into ultra slim gaming laptops that have ever existed in the world. Zephyrus GX531 gets the title of ultra portable laptop with body that is so thin, only around 14.9mm and weighs around 2.1kg. Powerful laptop like gaming desktop has a size of 15 inches combined with narrow bezel innovative design allows to enjoy the display freely. A frame that wraps a thinner make screen looks more simple but elegant. What a prestigious design, not only the Man who was fascinated by it, but the Woman was also captivated by it.
The material used is certainly resistant to scratches and impact because its made from selected metal. Asus said, for create body Zephyrus GX531 must through going several stages to produce a perfect body. Body's made from metal which processed using CNC with high precision so that every accent on the body and cover looks so neat. A typical red symbol ROG that resembles an animal's eyes will light up in the dark. By maintaining luxury, ROG still survive on the tight competition. The keyboards looks so perfect that are neatly arranged on this ultra portable laptop. Aura Sync technology allows you to adjust the backlit color of the keyboard as desired. Besides the high aesthetic value, this keyboard has abundant functions with ease of operation. Hot keys marked differently can make it easier to use when playing games, and allow high accuracy. You can adjust color composition and other functions by accessing the ROG gaming center.


Zephyrus GX531 is equipped with the latest 8th generation of Intel Core i7 six core processors that have abundant features. Intel Core i7-8750H six core technology is able to provide a different gaming experience. The Hyper Threading feature allows you to does 12 computing processes simultaneously. Intel Speed Shift and Turbo Boost can drive CPU performance to the highest level up to 4GHz on four cores and 3.9 on six cores. This CPU has a large bandwidth capacity, which is 8GB DDR4 onboard SDRAM which increase able up to 24GB. The speeds Ram of CPU reaches 2666MHz which is able to provide the effectiveness and efficiency of the computing process on this laptop. You can do live streaming smoothly, rendering very quickly, and of course multi-tasking without a hitch. Game play with the latest technology can be loaded like no significant burden.

Graphics Card 

The latest games now require computer system updates for enable to run them. So computer component companies also continue to make improvements to the marketed products. Zephyrus GX531 has a graphics card that is able to meet the demands of the latest games with a high refresh rate. NVIDIA Geforce GTX10 series with max Q design allows for the highest level of playing experience. Currently high-end technology of graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX1070 max Q designs made by NVIDIA Pascal embedded in the Zephyrus GX531 is able to process all the latest games smoothly. Maybe in the next few periods the ability will still survive.
NVIDIA Geforce 2048 Cuda Core graphics cards has IPS levels display with refresh rate up to 144Hz and allows rendering process with high-level algorithms. That GPUs are better than the previous generation provide users with the convenience of running the latest games, even refining the display looks more real or Virtual Reality. You can see the display without visual tearing, ghosting effects, and lag. Bandwidth capacity of 8GB GDDR5 VRAM which combined with NVIDIA Ansel feature that allows to display 360 degree images with smoothly. Beside that You can overclocking the GPUs to boosting performance so that your activities are more effective.


Zephyrus GX531 uses SSD M.2 NVM Express as the main storage space. The system that has Hyper Drive technology uses PCI Express four lines to generate throughput with speeds reaching 3200MB/s. The fastest sensation when transferring and restoring data can be felt when using this gaming laptop. Besides that, the storage space capacity of 1TB allows you to save a large file size. All your favorite games and important data can be saved into this laptop with a very short process.


NVIDIA technology is able to provide IPS level displays up to 144Hz in just 3ms. The latest game play will be displayed without blurring and awesome visual effects. The narrow bezel design on the screen combined with a 300cd/m² panel will produce a brighter appearance and look wider. This 15-inch laptop has FHD resolution (1920x1080) and supported by G-Sync technology to display files with resolution UHD 4K. Using 100% sRGB color composition allows you to enjoy a virtual world that looks real with a sharper looks. This gives a statement that the ROG Zephyrus GX531 combines speeds and beauty without compromise.


The ROG Zephyrus GX531 applies an 802.11ac 2x2 WLAN series connection system that allows wider Wi-Fi network coverage than previous generations. The online game that you run will not be disturbed by the connection speed that reaches 1.7Gbps. Besides this laptop uses a Bluetooth 5.0 connection that allows wireless networks on peripheral devices to run smoothly. Asus adds an HDMI 2.0 port that supports 4K UHD display to 60Hz speed, the latest Type C and Type A USB ports. The plug and play feature makes it easy for you to play games anywhere and anytime.

Cooling Device

Asus implements the Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) on the latest Zephyrus series as the main component cooling system. This is able to maintain the temperature of the laptop so that the CPU and GPU performance is stable even when overclocked. Air flow can be increased up to 22% more evenly compared to previous systems. There are 5 circular heat pipes on the cooling device that function as heat suction. Next it will be spread evenly by four heatsinks and released through the drain hole. Each fan has 83 blades that are among the most among the ROG series, which allows to increase airflow by up to 17% higher than the old design. The air flowing in the thin chassis serves to reduce the temperature inside the laptop. This fan with 12V power supply has 3 modes based on the rotation. Boost mode is the fastest rotation of the fan when the temperature exceeds the limit in hardcore use, the normal mode is the medium fan rotation when used by standard usage, and the silent mode is the lowest fan speed when using light performance. Fan rotation automatically adjusted depends on temperature, and you can adjust it manually through the ROG Gaming Center. To extend the lifetime of the cooling system itself, Anti Dust Cooling System technology is added which adopts centrifugal force. Dust coming in will be thrown away from the center of the fan rotation and then released through the drain channel. This serves to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt on the fan which can hinder the performance of the cooling system. With the Anti Dust Cooling System, all components of the Zephyrus GX531 will be more durable and have maximum performance of all time.


Asus ROG Zephyrus has two product variants, detailed specifications and prices you can see through the link below.    

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