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Highlight Asus ROG Strix Hero II

ROG Strix Hero II

Highlight Asus ROG Strix Hero II

Asus presents the Laptops Strix Hero II edition which is the latest generation of the previous series. Strix Hero II is designed specifically for Esport MOBA, this game is very familiar among game lovers, for enable to enjoy it, computers with high specifications are needed. This laptop is believed to be a solution to make you have a different experience when playing the games, and give you a win if you take part gaming competition.
This laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor 8th generation which makes it possible to runs applications very fast and smoothly. Graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX10 series makes the appearance very attractive, Operating system uses Windows 10 pro and combined with a revolutionary cooling system keeps the laptop's performance more stable despite hardcore treatment eventhough for a long time.
Strix Hero II has a narrow bezel design that makes the laptop look solid and compact. It has an IPS level screen with refresh rate 144Hz in 3ms, and color sRGB reach 100%. The appearance of the game becomes very special, there is no visual tearing or lag in the image, so you can clearly know where your opponent and team mates are, and make you enjoy the real game. Keyboard's specifically designed for gaming provides added value to this laptop, not only appearance looks elegant, but also has vital benefits. For this reason Asus presents abundant functions like a desktop. Let's review more details from all sides of Strix Hero II.


Strix Hero II is no doubted, because has a very good body. The solid black color envelop body's the laptops and the animal's eye logo on the cover that will light up in the darkness provides a better aesthetic value. The thin body gives the title of an ultra portable laptop, and neatly layout of each component is characteristic of this laptop. Not only that, the design that has been seen as a gaming laptop even though it has not explained in detail the supporting components is the advantage attached to this laptop.
The compact body and resistant to impact is very suitable for hardcore gamers, you don't need to worry for breaking it when you use which rough treatment, because this laptop has gone through impact resistance tests. Body's thickness only 26.1mm and weighs 2.4kg, this laptop is able to pass competitive competition in the world of industrial technology.
Strix Hero II presents an innovative keyboard to support the looks to make more elegant. It is undeniable that this gaming laptop keyboards is worth discussing in more detail, because appearance is directly proportional to its function. You can adjust the color on the keyboard background to suit your taste, because it is equipped with Aura Sync, and the WASD and QWER buttons that have transparent colors allow the beam  more strongly which makes it a special sign that useful when you play the game. This keyboard has undergone improvements from the previous version, including the exclusive Hyperstroke technology and the Keycap curve only 0.25mm allows you to press the button faster and more accurately. N-key rollover technology ensures that nothing missed when the button is pressed simultaneously in a short time.


Strix Hero II uses Intel Core i7-8750H latest 8th generation CPU that has a performance of 23% better than the previous generation. Intel presents the latest technology for CPUs, namely Intel speeds shift and Turbo boost which can increase speeds up to 4GHz on four core and 3.9GHz on six core. You are free to stream, rendering, and multi-tasking, because this CPU is equipped with Intel Hyper threading which makes it possible to processes 12 computing in once times. All applications that are run, will not be disturbed because this laptop has a bandwidth capacity of 8GB SDRAM on board which has two slots, and a maximum capacity of up to 32GB, with speeds of up to 2666 MHz which allows to run applications and gaming with smooth.

Graphics Card

Strix Hero II does not kidding with display's,  by using NVIDIA Pascal graphics cards, the latest NVIDIA Geforce GTX10 series that provides perfect performance. The NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card which has a bandwidth capacity of up to 6GB GDDR5 VRAM and 1280 Cuda Core owned by Strix Hero II gives you better rendering and streaming techniques, and certainly provides a different experience for palying the games than usual. In addition you can overclocking GPUs up to 1670MHz which speed is 1.4 times faster when compared to the previous generation. This GPU is equipped with the latest Microsoft DirectX 12 compatibility that can reduce the lag on the display, anti-ghosting effects, and visual tearing that can interfere with view when playing games. Now is the time for you to make a lot of experimentation on all the latest games genre with maximum settings.


Strix Hero II uses the ultra-responsive M.2 NVMe PCIe3.0 SSD storage technology as the main storage. The capacity is up to 512 GB which allows you to store your favorite game and data on your laptop. The process of transferring and restoring data that you do will feel very smooth and very fast, of course there are many differences with the previous storage technology. To support and expand storage space, Asus adds Secondary Hard Discs, namely State Solid Hybrid Disc (SSHD) with capacity 1TB which speeds up to 5400 rpm. In a test of storage speed, SSHD is stated to have a speed of 2 times faster than the HDD with capacity 1TB with speeds 7200rpm. With this you can do activities without any obstacles, anything has been overcome by the latest technology on Asus' Strix Hero II.


Strix Hero II is equipped with IPS level display 144Hz in just 3ms and the percentage of sRGB reaches 100%. Screen display specification that is good enough to make perfect visual effects. This laptop is designed with a brighter screen display using a 300cd / m² panel, when compared to a standard screen there will be a difference about 20% more brightness. With this you can easily distinguish between opponents and team mates, even in super-fast movement conditions. You will get additional benefits, because the graphics card used is already supported by Mixed reality Windows application that allows the game to become real, and smoother. The enhanced design of the previous generation is narrow bezel which has a narrower frame on the screen that allows you to view the screen more freely without interference.


If the previous Strix Hero generation only used 2 antennas for wi-fi networks, then this laptop was refined to become a multi antenna or combine four antennas to expand and strengthen the Wi-Fi network. These four antennas will complement one another, where on the strong side it will cover the weak side so that the captured network is never interrupted. The technology is called the ROG Range Boost which is claimed to be the first on gaming laptops. The latest Wi-Fi connection which is standard Intel 802.11ac (2x2) Gigabit will produce a stronger signal because the speed reaches 1.7Gbps which makes it better than the previous generation, even 12 times better if compared to the 802.11b / g / n series.
The Strix Hero II connection will be more perfect with the presence of Bluetooth 5.0 attached to this gaming laptop. You will feel a tremendous sensation when playing games, because there is no network cut off. In addition, this laptop is also equipped with a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, one USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port that supports 4K UHD video with speeds up to 60Hz, as well as a mini display port 1.2 that supports 4K UHD output with speeds reaching 75Hz. All that will provide convenience to the connection to laptop peripherals, because it uses the plug and play feature.

Cooling Device

The interesting thing is to talk about exclusive cooling systems to keep the temperature of each component so that it has perfect performance all the time. Hypercool Pro technology is able to spread heat thorough and cool down in a shorter time. Component powered by two 12V fans that provide more air flow and can increase air pressure, so the GPU and CPU will still work perfectly eventough under heavy loads. This fan has a faster rotation when compared to a regular 5V fan. The turbo boost feature on the fan allows faster rotation when the temperature of the laptop component starts to show a high value, and will return to normal when the temperature has begun to drop.
Strix Hero II combines an anti dust cooling system so that no dust accumulates. This system adopts a centrifugal force, where all the approaching dirt and dust will be throw away from the center point where the fan rotates and is ejected through two drain tunnels. This serves to increase life time not only on all laptop components, but also the cooling system itself. This makes your time effective because you don't have to clean the cooling system often. Meanwhile, if in certain conditions you need to manually overload the fan, you can press the function key (Fn + F5), and can be via the ROG gaming center.


Strix Hero II has a GL504GE series or model that details specifications and price can be seen by through the link below


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