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Highlight Asus ROG GX800VH



Asus succeeded to create a laptop that "wow", it's was amazing. Not only the appearance and special performance, but the price is also amazing. Maybe this is proof that Asus is able to create laptops like high-end gaming desktops. The ROG GX800 is the first to have an 18 inch size, it is quite large for the size of a laptop. Body that looks compact is made from selected metal that's processed with high artistic value. Innovative keyboard that has many features adds to the impression of a laptop so perfect. If you seen at the looks, this laptop is rare and deserves to be rewarded and immortalized in the museum. The laptops has the latest powerful processor Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake combined with the phenomenal graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX1080 SLI. All the latest games of any type will runs with smooth and stable. The operating system used is Microsoft Windows 10 Professional which offers absolutely ease for operation and many features. Hyper Drive RAID Technology is a data storage space that is used as the main storage by this exclusive gaming laptop. You will feel a sensation that is so fast in the process of transfering and restoring data. The cooling system its used by this laptop has the best performance that is able to maintain the temperature of the laptop in ideal conditions. The latest connection system that is used has a better performance compared to the connection on a general laptop. Gaming laptops Asus made is incredible. Let's review in more detail all sides of this gaming laptop.


The ROG GX800 is created from a selection of metals that resemble titanium and copper. The compact chassis was created specifically for hardcore gaming. Design thats inspired by the power of titanium and copper combined with the burning lighting of red lava that flows produces technology with high value art. This anti-mainstream design proves that Asus has innovations and a myriad of achievements that deserve to be appreciated. The laptop present a huge design with an 18 inch screen width, 45.4mm thick, and 5.7kg weight which symbolizing the strength of the components inside. Another thing that makes it different is the (MechTAG) keyboard design which uses mechanical systems, while laptops generally use rubber like membranes. You will see the standard desktop keyboard that is packaged thinner and tidy on this amazing gaming laptop. Besides that, Aura Sync Technology allows you to adjust the keyboard background color to suit your taste through the ROG Gaming Center which is the default ROG series laptop software. The typical ROG keyboard has N-key rollover and anti ghosting technology that has high accuracy. If you see at the fierce looks, the ROG series is like a true fighter or rather a laptop that looks like a gaming desktop but is portable.


The ROG GX800 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-7820HK with speeds 2.8GHz at the base clock complete with Overclocking features that allow it to drive processor performance up to 4.4GHz. Bandwidth capacity reaches 64 GB SDRAM, so it can do computing processes that exceed everyone's expectations. Overclocking on the processor can increase effectiveness and time efficiency. You will get a short rendering experience, streaming without any interference, even playing the latest games feels very smooth, you may not find them on general laptops.

Graphics Card

The laptops uses the phenomenal NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 2-way SLI graphics card. On the performance test of the fire strike ultra score, this graphics card gets a benchmark score of 10213, and 3DMark 11's test performance is able to obtain a 52764 benchmark score. Automatically, this graphics card produces a sharper display effect and a more tangible display. GTX1080 SLI has 2Ghz speeds at the base clock and is able to reach up to 5.27 GHz when overclocked. You will feel the sensation of cyberspace looks real.


The ROG GX800 is a gaming laptop that has a large design with an 18 inch screen width, 100% anti glare panel equipped with G-Sync technology to display super smooth graphics. Screen resolution (3840x2160) combined with UHD backlit LEDs is able to display the latest games with 4K UHD resolution. The combination of the CPU Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake and GPU NVIDIA Geforce GTX1080 SLI is able to produce a frame rate up to 60FPS stably. Realer picture quality or Virtual Reality (VR) in a new game that is run to reach perfection to give you a different experience. Overclocking GPU can produce frame rates of up to 90 FPS which are displayed more stable by this gaming laptop screen. You will never find visual tearing, lag, or ghosting effects. The newest games with any genre will be displayed smoother and sharper even though using the maximum settings.


The latest innovation in data storage systems on the exclusive ROG GX800VH gaming laptop is the HyperDrive RAID 0 SSD that provides the fastest transfer and restore data rates among previous series storage systems, even the SSD HyperDrive PCI Express standard. RAID 0 SSD features flash MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND that allows super fast data storage. I think 1.5TB of storage space is able to store all your favorite games and all your important data. Besides this data storage space is coated with material that has better resistance when receiving hot temperatures and has been tested for physical endurance tests to ensure that this component has physical resistance to continuous heat treatment and even impact. You will feel a different experience that is not found on a standard laptop, so that the efficiency and effectiveness of the process shows high value.


Gaming laptops that are equivalent to gaming desktops have innovative connection technology, namely external antennas that can help dual-band Wi-Fi chipsets 802.11ac to receive more stable networks. This antenna can increase signal reception speed up to 102dB / 2.4Mbps on an antenna with a frequency of 2.4GHz and 104dB / 6.05Mbps on an antenna with a frequency of 5GHz. The network that is reached is wider, especially for antennas that use a 5GHz frequency. The Bluetooth connection used by the ROG GX800 is still in series 4.1. Even so, you will still get an extraordinary wireless network. To increase access to laptop peripherals, Asus complements this laptop with the port USB thunderbolt 3rd generation type C that has more stable performance.


Asus Sonic Studio presents 4 high-quality load speaker on the high-end gaming laptop ROG GX800VH. Two sound speakers are located below the screen and others are located on the base laptop. the sounds produced is a combination of low and high frequencies so that the sound that comes out is more balanced and clearer. In order not to bother anyone around, this laptop is equipped with ESS SABRE DAC headphone technology and an amplifier with 32-bit sound output at a frequency 384 kHz. Produces low noise levels and stronger bass. The sound that is heard is more detailed, stronger, and slightly distorted.
The ROG GX800VH is equipped with an array microphone that allows your voice to be filtered more clearly and without noice when recording sound. Xsplit Game Caster can help simplify your work. You can broadcast your videos directly while playing high-resolution games with clear sound by just one click on Game Caster. In addition, Asus complements ROG products with software Game First IV that has user friendly interface. The features provided are very diverse, of course it functions as a supporter of gamers to get an unforgettable and best online experience. 

Cooling Device

The ROG GX800VH uses Hydro Overclocking System as a component cooler. The system that uses Dual Hybrid Chamber is an innovation on gaming laptops that use liquid cooling. Liquids flowed through the chamber quickly reduce the heat temperature generated from the CPU and GPU. The heat will be sucked by four fans and removed through the exhaust. The air flow rate increases by 70% compared to its predecessor. Cooling devices designed to support CPU and GPU performance remain stable even overclocking condition. This Hydro system is equipped with two adapters, each of which has power 330W. This allows all components to have maximum performance because the ambient temperature is ideally conditioned. Even though the fan rotates very fast, the vibration is very low, so you will enjoy the game without any noise. 

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