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Highlight ASUS ROG G703

ROG G703

Highlight ROG G703

This is a best of gaming laptop with the power like gaming dekstops. The laptop has graphic card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080, and can be to factory-overclock, with high end processor of Intel Core i9 8th generation. So you can play games on ultra graphics setting without compromises. Which are becoming the first to integrate an ultra-responsive IPS-level 144Hz display with a 3ms response time in to the laptops. One more amazing feature is Hyperdrive extreme storage, which uses exclusive technology to combain three NVMe PCIe express of SSDs speeds up to 8700MB/s. Let's know more about each side of the laptop.


The laptop design of the G703 series of gamers looks very sturdy, like a robot transformer. The laptop body is made for a mixture of metal and black hard plastic that is resistant to impact, making it suitable for hardcore gamers. The ferocious look is equipped with many ports on the back of the laptop which makes it look elegant and certainly complete with features that are qualified for the needs of playing last series of games. 

The keyboard specially designed for playing the game looks amazing with exclusive AURA RGB lighting technology allows you to customize light effects right down to individual keys. Feature N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technologies, and highlighted WASD key group to provide precise control, while a 2.5mm travel distance, 0.3mm keycap curve, and a durable anti slip make more comfortable, and give the impression of luxury.


It could be said that the ROG G703 laptop has level of performance like a gaming dekstop. The Intel Core i9-8950HK processor can reach speeds up to 4.3GHz at the normal condition, but if you overclocking to the one, it can be reach 4.8Ghz speeds for each process, the meaning increase more than 11% ability. 

The powerful processor implanted inside the body and make incredible result for all of them, actually can runs at 900Mhz or 23% faster than standard Intel Core i7 processor 8th generation which in use most gaming laptop. in addition this processor support Intel hyper threading, speeds shift, and turbo boost 2.0 technology to handle each task quickly and efficiently. 

Asus built in this chips to give you experience to play the last gaming series with maximum setting. One more benefit from improved speeds and lower power consumption with up to 64GB of DDR4 2666MHz dual channel RAM with 11% performance boost over, and get ready to take your gaming experience to new heights.

Graphics Card

The latest NVIDIA GeForce 10-Series graphics architecture offers gaming laptop performance. The GTX 1080 GPU series graphics card and 8GB GDDR5X VRAM can overclock the processing speed to reach 1974Mhz and 10.3GHz. This innovative GPU was created to meet the demands of technology in displaying the latest generation of games, by presenting Virtual Reality (VR), ultra high resolution, and very smooth graphics like cinemas, and can capture 360 degrees in images on games and view them in Virtual reality. In addition, this GPU also supports Microsoft® DirectX® 12, enabling better visual effects and the latest rendering techniques for a more realistic game playing experience than before.


Asus uses the latest technology for storage on the ROG G703 laptop so that the process of storing and transferring data is faster and more efficient. Using exclusive hyperdrive technology to combine up to three PCIe 3.0x4 SSDs, and having two of three SSDs directly connected to the CPU helps avoid DMI bottlenecks, allowing speeds up to 8700MB / s in each process.

Laptop manufacturers increase user convenience by adding storage functions that support NVMe in a RAID 0 configuration. The presence of this super-fast data storage space will not only increase laptop boot speed but also increase laptop responsiveness in running applications. To add more storage space, the ROG G703 is also equipped with 1 TB HDD with a processing speeds up to 7200rpm which makes application and gaming loading time more responsive.


Display ROG G703

G703 has the latest technology for special display features for gaming, namely the most responsive IPS level, and Full HD panel technology supported by NVIDIA G-Sync allows 144Hz refresh rate and ultra fast response time of 3ms gray to gray (GTG) to provide seamless and smoother graphics. So all the latest games and applications can use maximum settings without lag, blur image and ghosting display.

G-SYNC graphics card technology has a synchronizes  display’s refresh rate and GPUs frame rates with high speeds, so that the game flow is smoother. G-SYNC minimizes stuttering, minimize input lag, reduce ghosting image, and eliminates bad visuals, all without affecting system performance. You get more smoothest and fast while play the game, and most immersive experience all the last of games.

We can make the statement if ROG G703 is no weakness. This lets you instantly to react what’s happening on the screen and giving you an advantage in action, first person shooters, racing, real time strategy and sports titles of the game.

Cooling Technology

The cooling system on this laptop is anti dust Cooling technology (ADC) allowing the G703 to clean from harmful dust and particles. The dust and other particles are removed from the chassis by two special tunnels with the centrifugal force, the function of thermal fins to improve system stability and increase lifetime. High performance of dual outlet fan blowing out the air, while a unique heat pipe architecture make cools the CPU.


ROG G703 Series has a several varians. You can follow the link below to find out the details of spesification and price for each product.


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