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Highlight Asus ROG Zephyrus G501

ROG Zephirus G501

Highlight Asus ROG Zephyrus G501
ROG Zephyruz is a revolutionary gaming laptop that always has innovation. Thit time Asus present a portable super-slim laptop. Even though the body is thin, it has impact resistant, because created from high quality material. The performance of the laptop is very good, it's equipped with the latest 8th generation Intel Core i7 Processor that allows to play the latest game with any genre. Zephirus has an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 graphics card with max-Q design so that the display will be better and more stable. A high refresh rate on the screen will reduce lag and blur image appearance. The operating system is used Windows 10 Pro, which support all types of applications allow you to usage that exceeds the limit.

Innovative cooling system is able to does the job very well. Using new air flow and different systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each process on the laptop. The system adopts Aero Dynamic elements which make better the air flow and anti-noisy even though the fan rotation is very fast. Asus claims that innovation in cooling technology was the first and succeeded in becoming a great system for maintain temperature and helped smooth the computing process an the laptops. For Gammers who are accustomed to using the dekstop to play games with longer time, it can switch by using the laptops, because it's like a gaming desktop and more benefit is portable. Let's review each side of the ROG Zephyrus G501.


ROG Zephyrus comes as an ultra portable laptop that has the ability align with the desktops. The ultra-slim body has only 17.9mm thickness and the overall wieght only around 2.2kg, allowing it to used anywhere because will be very easy to carry out. Solid black and Monster eyes logo on the covers give an exclusive impression. Lay out of each component is very special so provides a different perspective for gaming laptops.

backlit keyboards and Aura Sync technology that gives you the freedom to adjust lighting effects. WASD and QWER buttons marked specifically improve accuracy when playing games and travel distance only 1.4mm on the keyboards adds an ergonomics level that allows to be used for very long time. Air flow holes in the cooling system and ports connections located for neatly arranged make Zephyrus G501 looks so luxurious. Overall appearance of laptop bodys is perfect, it might be consideration for Gammers who want to has a gaming laptops with body that cannot be underestimated and promising performance.


ROG Zephyrus G501 was built for no compromise the gaming laptops performance, although has an ultra-slim body, but it does no rule out the possibility of having powerfull computing capabilities. Using the latest 8th generation of Intel Core i7-8750 hexa-core which has speeds up to 2.4GHz at the base clock, Zephyrus able to handle 12 computing process at once time. Hyper threading and turbo boost technology makes all running applications uninterrupted. All the genre of latest games can be runs with smoothly on this laptops. Activity including gaming, rendering, streaming and multi tasking can run normally as there is no meaningful load.

You can overclocking speeds up to 4.1 GHz on this processor, so that the game you played can be run beyond expectations. In addition to supporting processor, Asus combines the Core i7 8750H processor with an FCBGA1440 socket motherboard based on the Intel HM370 chipset. True Gammers will definitely dream of getting service from powerful processors like this desktops gaming so the can always excel in the world of gaming.

Graphics Card

ROG Zephyrus G501 used a phenomenal NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10 series graphics card in the gaming world. Even believed that the GTX 1080 is the most sphisticated gaming GPU in the world that is able to provide consistent performance. Architecture NVIDIA Pascal was created the graphics card which aims to provide outsatnding performance and is able to handle growing gaming technology. This is an extraordinary innovations and we must give a higher appreciation.

GTX 1080 used on Zephyrus G501 is able to perform quantum leaps in performance and relatively low power consumption that takes into account the efficiency every computing process. It's built using ultra fast FinFET and GDDRX5 technology that has high banwidth capacity, and supported by Microsoft DirectX 12 Features to provide other experiences to gamers who dream of a fast, smooth, and efficiency power consumption.

This graphics card is able to meet the demands of a fast and constant moving screen, even you can use the latest games in maximum settings. The sophisticated graphics card can take 360 degree or wide view feature and also supports virtual reality (VR) that makes the game looks like the world real. Even you will hear and feels every special moment and maybe you will be taken the subconscious due the appearance of stunning dispaly.


ROG Zephyrus G501 uses Hyper Drive SSD storage technology as the main storage with capacity 1TB. This is so amazing because it used the latest technology of NVM Express (NVMe) and PCI Express (PCIe). With this you can get extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness when transfering and restoring the data. Processing data Speeds in M.2 exceeds the average speeds of the previous generation storage technology. Despite having an ultra slim body but Zephyrus has a data storage capacity that is large enough so that's possible to meet all your needs.


ROG Zephyrus has an IPS screen with refresh rate 144Hz in response time 3ms. This allows you to enjoy that games has fast movement. Wide viewing technology and sRGB color range reaching 100% on the IPS panel provide unforgettable comfort and Virtual Reality that promises more real conditions on the screen of game. Smooth VR and without lag with image frequencies exceeding 90FPS that are compatible plug and play with headset add an immersive environtment. To support improved display performance, ROG uses NVIDIA G-Sync technology. This technology allows the game flow appear smoother, without visual tearing effects that can bother you when play the games. This will provide a better and most immersive experience in the latest games. Now it's time to enter the new era with presence of the ROG Zephyrus G501.


Zephirus G501 uses the latest wifi network 802.11ac 2x2 wave WLAN which is equipped with 2 antennas that function as transmitters and receivers. This network has a wider range and faster than previous generation, and bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection when playing the games. The latest technology connection give you efficient data transfer and restor speeds and maximum compatibility, as well as the type-C thunderbolt USB port allows very fast service up to 40Gbps. This laptop is user friendly which provided easy acces to G-Sync screen, only through display ports that are lined up with other ports. To enjoy video with the latest 4K resolutions technology, you can access it via the available HDMI ports. So now, there is no other reason to use not this laptop ass a new weapon for playing the games.

Cooling Device 

ROG Zephyrus G501 introduces realible technology in cooling systems, namely is exclusive Active Aorodynamic System (AAS) that is able to exceed expectations. This is a smart design innovations. This system can improve air circulation so the component temperature can be cooled in a relatively short time, so the laptop performance more stable even though is used for very long time.

Aerodynamic system includes several enhancements to make cooler more effective and afficient, by increasing internal air flow and allowing the fan rotate more faster and maintain low temperatures. Trapezoid cut allows free air flow from the laptop's ventilation at the bottom, this increase thermal efficiency compared to standard laptop lids. Cooling system 12V fan in the ROG Zephyrus is stronger than the ordinary 5V fan, allowing the fan to spin 17% faster, and increasing air pressure.

Other technology is an anti dust cooling system that can minimize the buildup of dust on the heatsink fins that interfere with performance over time. The way it works by using centrifugal force to remove the dust and dirt through 2 drain tunnels. This will increase the life time of cooling itself and also all laptop components.


Asus ROG Zephiruz G501 Has several variants and type, all the type maybe different specification and price. So for knowing the detail information about it, you can follow the link bellow.


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