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Highlight Asus ROG Strix Scar Edition

ROG Strix Scar Edition

Highlight Asus ROG Strix Scar Edition

ROG Strix Scar Edition is created specifically for gaming. This gaming laptop has a competitive advantage in the genre of FPS esport games such us Counter Strike, Overwatch, and Team Fortress2. Using the Windows 10 Pro as operating system, the latest 8th 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10 series graphics card. It comes with the most refined and most accurate visual ever on the IPS level screen with a 144Hz refresh rate, 3ms reponse time, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology. Also equipped with keyboard that support Aura Sync, Rollover N keys, and fast drive button. All of them are package into one laptop that is ready compete to get positive response from user. Lets review in more detail from every part of the laptop.


Strix Scar was built with design inspiration from the SCN FN assault rifle, designed for top gaming sniper. Compact chassis with a thickness 2.4cm, and overall weight of only 2.6kg. Gray color like anodized metal gun and the coler changes slightly when viewed from the side, it server to give a cool and luxurious impression. Aroun the keyboard looks like kevlar woven which is claimed to be better than steel if receives high temperatures. No wonder if its made from materials that are resistant to high temperatures, because gaming laptops must be used for a long time by user.

On the keyboards it looks so special because an Aura Sync technology that allows the user to adjust the appearance of the color as desired. The layout is inspired by a gaming dekstop design that looks so perfect. Strix Scar edition keyboards feature 4 hot keys (WASD), N keys rollover and four backlit RGB zones adding the luxurious feel. The only 0.25mm keycap curve make it comfortable to use when playing the games. Asus claims that the keyboard keys durable to pushing until 20 million times.

There are many ports on the back of the laptop for USB, HDMI, Combo Jack, and Chargers. The lay out also looks very neatly, quite suitable for gaming laptops that are slightly more expensive than comerade Strix Hero edition. ROG does have features in the fields of gaming, that laptop manufacturer continues to innovate on every side of the laptop, there are so many variants offered by the Taiwan Manufacturers, ranging from low entry prices to high end ones.


Strix Scar Edition has the latest 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H Processor that has a performance of 23% better than the previous four-core processor. The main attractiveness is the Intel Speed Shift and Turbo Boost Technology which can reach 4GHz speeds on four-core and 3.9GHz on six-core. This technology allows for multi-tasking up to 12 threads in a single process, including playing games ang rendering, each active program still runs normally. Of course this will increase the efficiency and effectiveness that is done.

Graphics Card

Scar edition uses the latest NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10 series phenomenal graphics card. This GPU allows you for better graphics display. The processing speed can be boosting to 1645MHz, which means two times faster than the previous generation. The graphics card also support Microsoft DirectX 12 to help the graphics display in the game more smoothly, no ghosting effect, no lag displayed, or blurry images. Trending Virtual Reality gaming are also supported, so that all the latest game genres can be played on this laptop without problems.

Better performance for the Geforce GTX 1060 and allows most game titles to be played at full HD resolution in the ultra settings, although some newer game will required fewer settings or resolutions to keep the frame level at more approriate level for panel 120Hz.


Strix Scar edition uses 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0x4 SSD as the main technology of storage, and 32Gbps bandwidth capacity. The process of transferring and storing data is bette when compared to SATA III. Another advantage of this technology that is can increase speeds up to 2666MHz and lower power consumption. The unique thing about ROG is the additional slot for upgrading or feature proof of DRAM which located at the bottom of the laptop.

To increase storage capacity on the laptop, Asus added a State Solid Hybrida Drive (SSHD) with a speed of 5400 rpm, which is believed to be better than Hard Disc Drive regular (HDD) with capacity 1TB at 7200rpm. All storage space on this laptop is quite large and the process is getting shorter, this is considered to be able to meet the expectations of users.


To support the display, Strix Scar uses NVIDIA G-Sync technology which is able to synchronize quickly, so that the visual becomes smooth without lag, ghosting image, and withouth tearing. Who you love to play the game will feel satisfied with the IPS screen which has refresh rate of 144Hz at 3ms. The displayed screen looks so bright because it uses a 300cd/m² panel. You will not missing special moment on the image while playing the game. Image can be captured even at high speeds at 240 frames per second and can play recordings at 30 frames per second. That is fantastic thing on a gaming laptop screen.


For conections, Asus replaces Intel dual band wireless AC 8265 in its predecessor with the AC 9560 wireless modul or the latest 802.11ac which is equipped with two antennas thats function as transmitter and receiver with speeds of up to 1.7Gbps. This wireless configuration provides a wider range than previous generation configurations. Gamer who need a faster transfer speeds must choosing the connection that is connected to the Asus Realtek RTL8168B/ 8111B PCIe Ethernet modul. For bluetooth networks, Strix Scar uses 4.1 series which requires lower power consumption and allows users to get a stable connection, so even you play the games for a long time, your bluetooth peripheral remain consistent in satisfying conditions.

Cooling Technology

Asus carries a triple fan for the cooling system on a laptop which consists of two main 12V fans and an additional 5V fan through three thermal channels. This fan is capable of rotating 20% faster, and increasing airflow up to 42.5%, and increasing also air pressure by 92%. Each fan has much more blades that aim to increase cooling more effectively.

This system is equipped with anti-dust devices that use centrifugal force or throw out objects that approach it. Dust particles and dirt on the fan module are blown along the fan wall, and finally removed from the chassis through a dust-proof tunnel. This can prevent the buildup of dust on the heatsink fin. The rotation fan sounds is barely audible, so it feels calmer.


Strix Scar Edition has a several variant and product type, to find out the specifications and prices please the follow link the link below.

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